This is the solemn pronouncement of the Holy One, the True One, who holds the key of David, who opens doors no one can shut, and shuts doors no one can open … (Revelation 3:7)

For thousands of years, men searched for the key. Music and laughter streamed from under the door, but outside in the stinging cold, judgment waited in darkness.

Abraham, Moses, and David hungered after the key. In Solomon’s day, the door was still shut. He had untold wealth and the finest intellect on earth, but none of those would crack the door. Solomon’s conclusion—“‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’ says the Teacher. ‘Everything is meaningless!’” (Ecclesiastes 12:8) (NIV)

Then, at the perfect moment in history, after men had exhausted every effort to open the lock, the key fell from heaven. Tumblers fell into place, and the door swung wide. Death stayed outside. And along with eternal life, the Messiah opened purpose and hope, growth and love. Every tumbler of life was released where it engaged Jesus.

It’s been one hundred generations since the key fell, and now it’s my turn on the timeline of history. What those before me sought with tears, I take for granted. I was born with the key in my hand, so I don’t even bother to fit it into the lock. Apathy is my most infernal curse.

I have the key. The Key! I have access to every answer. All of life is open to me for a twist of my wrist. Solomon, with his wealth and brains, didn’t have what I have—the key that opens life’s meaning.

But will I turn the lock and go in?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, come unlock every part of my life.