shutterstock Ocean WaveWorship God, for the testimony about Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. (Revelation 19:10)

A blast of wind slammed the slate-blue sea. A swell rolled forward but no water traveled laterally as the wind’s energy leapfrogged through the liquid particles. The water rose and fell, circled to where it began, then stayed behind as the wave passed on.

New winds pressed its back, and the wave increased to five meters. The great roller ran two thousand kilometers across open sea toward its destiny. As it met the rising ocean floor, for the first time it hurled water in an open breaker. Kinetic energy that began weeks before, now combined with water, foam, and sand to crash against coastal rocks, and die with a hiss.

The spirit of prophecy is a wave pushed up by the breath of the Spirit. This isn't physical but spiritual energy, and so all the more real. It passes through our tangible existence evidenced only by a circle of earthly powers that briefly rise and fall. Prophecies about sin, righteousness, and judgment mount in indestructible power. For thousands of years the wave has rolled toward the shore of end times.

The spirit of prophecy speaking through Isaiah, Daniel, John, and others revealed that the spiritual energy will turn into physical signs and conflicts. In a final effort, the temporal will cast itself against the rock, Jesus Christ. Everything resolves with Jesus.

Even now the wave has reached the upwardly sloping floor of history. I feel the curl propelling me forward, tumbling me over, casting me at the feet of Jesus.


Prayer: Unstoppable God, carry me by the spirit of prophecy to Jesus.


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