IMG 1599 1Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, acknowledging his name. (Hebrews 13:15)

“Please, will you pray for my friend?” 

A woman stopped in my path as thousands of people dispersed after an evangelistic festival in Red Hills, India.

“She’s been lame since childhood polio.” She pointed to a twenty-year-old girl with her legs braced rigid and wearing a lime-green sari.

I asked the Lord how to minister to the girl, but it turned out that she would minister to me.

Because of her disability, this bent girl had an opportunity to present a sacrifice of praise to God. Her peaceful smile and a short conversation told me she lived in thankfulness in spite of personal suffering. Not a trace of bitterness tainted her soul. It was the most holy and true form of life worship. 

“When we go home forever,” I said, “you’ll be rewarded above me, because you learned to praise God while crippled.”

The Spirit led me to pray over her with confirmation that her heart was in the right place, which would lead to ultimate healing in eternity.

When I again see the green-sari-girl in heaven, I plan to tell her that I wanted to give her physical healing. Instead she gave me an example of heroic joy that is especially rare in my culture. She sacrificed her claim on earthly blessings to prove her trust in God.

Her gift to me was more valuable than what I wanted to give to her.

Prayer: Saving God, may I offer you the sacrifice of thanks in everything.




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