For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the one who was proclaimed among you by us - by me and Silvanus and Timothy - was not “Yes” and “No,” but it has always been “Yes” in him. For every one of Godʼs promises are “Yes” in him… (2 Corinthians 1:19-20) (NETFull)

God asked man to love him above all else, and man said no. That no reverberated through time, bouncing noes into every crevice of life.

Is nature healthy? No. Will you live forever? No. Are you whole without God? No. No is the harshest, most devastating word in any language. It condemns us to temporal and eternal punishment.

Jesus came to give our no-infested world a second chance to answer God’s question. “Will you love me above all else, through my Son?”

When we say yes, anything a purified imagination dreams is granted with a laughing, all-powerful yes. God, do you love me? Yes. Do you forgive me? Yes. Are you with me? Yes.

Say yes to God through Christ, and he will say yes to you through eternity. That sounds easy, but it’s not. This world slams no into our face with such violence and frequency that we loose hope in the word yes. Rejection is a no. Loss of health and income are more noes. The noes pile up until it’s difficult to see a yes coming straight at us.

God’s yes is so resounding it redeems our heap of noes. As we turn each no over to him, trusting in his comfort and recompense, he converts them to eternal glory. The bumper sticker that said, “he who dies with the most toys wins,” is wrong. He who dies with the most noes wins, because he will be the most rewarded in heaven.

In Christ, life is yes. Even our temporary noes are transformed into eternal yeses.

Prayer: Father in heaven, I rest in your yes.