My strength drains away like water;

all my bones are dislocated;

my heart is like wax;

it melts away inside me. (Psalms 22:14)

shutterstock Water Drop sml

Runny, dripping, impossible to grasp liquid—that’s what I need to be so Satan can’t handle me. In a melted state, there’s no solid pride for my enemy to grasp. I run through his fingers. The real me is still there with all the essential properties, but as a liquid, I’m unusable for evil purposes.


 My old nature wants to harden into a tangible mass, with size and substance that others will acknowledge. But a chunk of self-proclaiming matter is not what my Creator intended. I’m to flow into the events of his choosing and only a liquid can fill those molds.


When Satan brought his worst against Jesus, the Messiah simply let go of his rights and went liquid. The father of lies clutched, but there was nothing he could hold. The Devil hadn’t planned on a melting victim.


Now it’s my turn to go liquid—to release my claims on dignity, health, and earthly needs. When I hold my being in the presence of the unending God, I quiver a moment, then melt to quicksilver. I may stand among my peers but to experience God is to know the reason for my humility. He is too overwhelming for a solid to continue the work of bonding molecules. They fall into a puddle on the palm of God, the place of unmolested peace.


A humble liquid is of no use to the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms, and yet, liquid is the very substance God uses to pour life into the land of death.

Prayer: Mighty endless God, keep my heart melted before you.