IMG 9640 1When it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s winter in Fiji. The weather is lovely, mostly—great temperatures, less rain, a few cyclones. Villages are still digging out from Cyclone Winston. 


Don’s team at Operation Foundation normally works in the prisons, however they diverted from their usual ministry to help cyclone victims. It was a privilege for him to come along side villages in Tailevu, Rakiraki, and Koro Island and help them process grief.

The activities of the Trauma Workshop included: 

  • Drawing pictures of the worst moment - Children showed their families floating inside the house, with the roof blown off.
  • Writing a lament to God - Teens, grandfathers, and women all expressed what was repressed inside.
  • Burning their pain - Burdens of pain and terror were sent up to God in smoke and replaced with peace.

Comments from the villagers:

“Other counselors came but what they said didn’t help us. Your workshop was different. We are glad you came.”

“Normally we stay quiet. Since you came, we talk about what happened and it’s helping us.”

Don’s team has been teaching and counseling in the prison and seeing God move in hearts. One brother, Joni, was caught stealing and held at the local police station for arraignment. Three days later his parents went to file a missing persons report, and the officer said, “We have a boy in the cell by that same name.”

The parents stepped into the cell block, saw their son with handcuffs and wept.

“They hugged me and Mom said she still loved me. Dad couldn’t get any words out. I could’t stop the tears running on my cheeks,” Joni said.

“Step Out Step Free (the classes we offer at Operation Foundation) helped me see the way I was living and understand what life really means. I was the most precious thing God created in this world. It showed me that the key is to let God be the Master and Leader for all things I do.”

Another brother, Wasaki, confessed that he has been selling drugs inside prison. He wants to stop wearing masks. After counseling he asked to meet with the Office in Charge to confess. That meeting is scheduled for later this week. The only explanation for his change of heart is the Holy Spirit is at work in him. Please pray for Wasaki.

Lots of Love,

Dani & Don Goulding

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