The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will gather from his kingdom everything that causes sin as well as all lawbreakers. (Matthew 13:41)

Our world merchandises in gray tones. Between black and white, every shade of impurity is available. The evil of hell swirls through the pure white of heaven. 

In the next era, darkness and light will stand in obvious contrast.

The language of hell—Captive, Fear, Cursed, Lost, Deformed, Hate, False, Bitter, Scream, Ugly, Panic, Weep, Pain, Rejected, Blind, Guilt, Destruction, No.

The language of heaven—Free, Courage, Praise, Light, Dance, Beauty, Perfection, Rest, Laugh, Rainbow, Glory, Blessed, Accepted, Joy, Unity, Wisdom, Kiss, Yes.

With the gray removed, there’s no difficulty choosing sides. But life flings the clay pigeons of right and wrong like a trap machine gone berserk. I can’t keep up with the pace in deciding which ones to shoot down. My old nature confuses my trigger finger. I let bad choices fly, then gun down the truth by mistake.

This trap shoot is no game. Light and darkness are mortal enemies, and ground zero of the combat is in my heart. Get ready, here comes the first test of many today. Word by word, choice by choice—how will I fight? What eternal spoils will I gain this day? Will I choose black or white, curse or blessing, self-will or Jesus?

Prayer: Son of Man, help me win today’s battles.