For the one who enters Godʼs rest has also rested from his works, just as God did from his own works. Thus we must make every effort to enter that rest… (Hebrews 4:10, 11)

Trash, tumbleweeds, and the smell of excrement blew across the new foundation. It was the end of the first day, and the cement encrusted teens admired their work. This would be the hardest of the four workdays—I knew because it was my seventeenth trip to build homes for poor families in Mexico. We were bone tired, with no prospects for a real shower for another week. So why did I return each year? Because it was the one place where my soul rested.

Real rest doesn’t come from sleep, entertainment, or vacation. Those things may rest the body and never reach the mind and spirit. I only find serenity when responsibility for life has been transferred to Jesus.

Each year, for the week I spent in Mexico, my agenda was shelved and knew I was where God wanted me—seven back-to-back days of dependence on him and release from me. There was finally some quiet in my heart.

It’s a nervy step to shut down the chugging of my self-reliance generator and switch onto God’s grid. I’ve known the racket of that tired machine all my life. The noise and fumes of a hundred worries evaporate as God’s peace flows in.

After creating the universe, God sat back and said, “It is very good.” Then he blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy. Through trust in Jesus for every facet of my life, I’m invited to enter his blessed, holy Sabbath, and join him in deep rest.

Prayer: Sovereign King, let me enter your Sabbath rest.