“You must repent of such words and thoughts!

If you do, I will restore you to the privilege of serving me.

If you say what is worthwhile instead of what is worthless,

I will again allow you to be my spokesman.” (Jeremiah 15:19)

Words are conceived in the soul. They gestate among the convolutions of the brain, develop in the vocal cords, and are delivered into the world by way of the mouth. Because words originate in the hearts of beings who will live forever, each word is eternal. After the air ceases to vibrate with the sound, words live on in the spiritual realm.

Words contain power. God created the universe by speaking words. With words he made us after his image—beings with power in our own words. We can bless and curse, construct with truth, and destroy with lies. Destinies are altered, wars begun, and nations forged because of words. Is it any wonder God calls us to repent and utter only worthy words? 

Jesus is at the nexus of two megaphones. The whole of God’s wisdom and creative power enter the wide end of the first cone and compress into the person of Jesus. The other megaphone aims its wider opening at us. Jesus speaks into it of all God is and how he loves us. Most of his words blow past—and yet, as his love penetrates our soul, a few truths are conceived. New words gestate. These newly birthed utterances have God’s genetic heritage in them.

What a privilege to receive and give out the truth of God. It’s the miracle of procreating words with God.

Prayer: Jesus, Word of God, speak to me and through me today.