I tell you the solemn truth, a time is coming- and is now here- when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live. (John 5:25)

I floated on a sea of confusion that was the darkness of my own thoughts. The future wouldn’t materialize in the night. My head throbbed and body pain stole the pleasure of movement. All that was sweet or whole or musical was gone and I could no longer remember what the color green looked like. I was conscious but dead nonetheless.

“I am here,” a voice called to my spirit. 

The rich timbre was like a defibrillator on my arrested heart. It beat once, twice, then continued.

Three simple words cut through the fog. I am here. Coming from any other, they would’ve been meaningless, but from this speaker they meant life. In the moment he spoke, fear vacated the space between us and we were forever linked.

There is still nothing to see but the voice soothes the air around me. It awakens excitement inside me. I strain in the direction of its sound, hugging the sweet notes to my core. This is my lifeline to sanity.

No matter that I’m still bobbing on the dark sea, I’m no longer confused. The direction of the voice gives me orientation. I know where I’m headed, I know my purpose, and I know there is green life beyond. The fearsome darkness is a serpent without fangs.

Where there is a voice there is a speaker and, in this case, a Savior. I don’t have to see him to live, I only have to hear his voice with childlike ears. I can do that much. All the rest—light, music, green colors—they will come when he says it’s time. For now, I have his voice and so I will live.

Prayer: Son of God, grant me to hear your voice of life today.