Now without faith it is impossible to please him, for the one who approaches God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. (Hebrews 11:6) 

Dear Brittany,
It’s good you’re questioning whether God really exists. He doesn’t want namby-pamby followers who accept everything fed to them. Faith should be the result of an informed intentional choice. I say it’s okay to wrestle the doubt monsters. Let me tell you about a few of mine.
One beast growls about how foolish I am to disagree with the majority. Most people, he says, know how pointless it is to ask questions about origin and purpose. I shrink in defeat but I can’t stop thinking about where we came from. I poke the monster’s nose with that question. He throws the usual scientific mumbo jumbo at me but he never has an answer for where matter first came from.
Another monster leans into my face, “How could a God of love allow so much suffering?” 
I pinch my nose and point an inquiring finger into the Bible, to where Satan introduced pain into the world and not God. Mr. Stinky Breath’s question is changed from, where is God when there is pain?, to, where are men when God offers a solution? That brut goes limp too.
A third monster reminds me that believing in God will mean I’m accountable. He thumps my chest and says I’d better drop the God stuff and do what I want.
This is where I use my secret ninja move, throw him under me, and say, “And pretending to hide from accountability is the dumbest kind of stupid.”
Brittany, seeking God is not the popular road. Please don’t give up because so much is at stake. I know the doubt monsters are strong but I hope you beat them because heaven will not be the same without your precious smile.
Prayer: Savior God, I pray for more faith for Brittany, for myself, and for all the doubters like us.

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