700480399But you must return to your God,

by maintaining love and justice,

and by waiting for your God to return to you. (Hosea 12:6) 


An Australian electrician took his annual holiday in the nearby Fiji Islands. He met a pretty seventeen-year-old minor named Joy and promised to marry her. When the girl became pregnant, he ran back to Australia without further contact.

A year later the electrician returned to Fiji for another holiday of parties. He tried to hook up with a friend of Joy’s by using his old lines.

The two girlfriends confronted him. “This baby is yours and you know it. The least you could do is help with food and diapers.”

The electrician denied responsibility and left the young mother to her tears and poverty.

Dani and I tried to get justice for Joy. We met with legal counsel, waited in courtrooms, and attempted service of the summons for a paternity test and trial. While the electrician hid from the summons, the judge berated Joy for bad decisions until she broke down in tears and gave up. No amount of counseling motivated her to pursue justice. Joy was done getting emotionally pummeled.

In professional sports, the moment a ball goes out of bounds a referee blows a whistle or a flag goes down. I go bonkers when life doesn’t work the same way and victims can’t get immediate justice.

The truth I often forget is that while we live in a universe of absolute justice, it is delayed justice. That Australian electrician didn’t get away with anything and neither do I when I sin. Every misdeed is written into the books John saw in Revelation 12. We are accountable for every moment.

Joy taught me a vital lesson. She knew when to release her perpetrator into God’s hands. Where the human judicial system failed her, Jehovah’s great white throne will prevail. The biblical promise that every action will be judged frees me from tracking the guilt of others. I can focus on repenting from my own sins.

Joy and I have a huge advantage over the electrician. Every sin we commit is transferred to the cross of our Savior. “Unjust,” some would cry. Indeed, it is unjust that innocent Jesus suffered for guilty us. That’s the only injustice permitted by heaven.


Prayer: Jesus my righteous Judge, I rest in your justice.


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