i was blind now i see 1 638Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, so that those who do not see may gain their sight, and the ones who see may become blind.” John 9:39 (NETFull)

The sanctuary was crowded with squirming kids. All week the vacation Bible school told us how much God loved us and how everybody needed Jesus as Savior. The message saturated my eleven-year-old heart and pumped through my veins, right up to my eyes. Things looked different. A black chasm of sin appeared between me and the ball of light that was God. When the man at the front said come forward if you want Jesus to forgive you, I went.

I woke the next day and my vision was still different. I saw that my mother also followed my new friend, Jesus. She gave me a paperback New Testament with funny stick figures inside and I couldn’t stop reading it. My new eyes made me understand things I’d previously missed, like why I needed to stop fighting with my sisters.

Time dulled my new sight. During my teenage years I focused on the offerings of this dark world. I was going blind again.

As my special vision faded, God told me to get it back or give it up forever. I was nineteen and he held out an offer to join a traveling missionary group, or I could stay with my drugy friends. It was time to really choose. I had looked into an existence of light and I couldn’t pretend it wasn’t there. I chose the difficult process of training my focus on God’s kingdom. It continues today.

Life is as simple as choosing what to see. I have to be blind in one way or the other—to the world or to eternity. I can only turn my head toward one reality at a time. If the world system is the object of my sight, then my faith crumbles to death. When I stare at eternity, the world grows dim and truth solidifies into the person of Jesus.

Prayer: Exalted One, I can see and you are a beautiful sight.


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