star coast beach sand wallpaper… for we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 (NETFull)

A squirrel, full of curiosity, scampered across the beach to peek into a tide pool. A starfish had one leg out of the water and the squirrel sniffed the orange creature.

“Hello,” said the starfish.

The squirrel jumped back with a chirp. “Oh, you scared me … what are you? … my name is Stella … I’m a gray squirrel … where are your eyes and how do you know where you are going?”

Stella waited for what seemed like an eternity while the starfish inched forward.

“My name is Sammy. I’m a starfish. I use these tiny feelers on the ends of my legs.”

“Well, how do you find your food with no eyes?” Stella chattered. “I store nuts under the roots of the oldest birch tree. That’s the best place for hiding delicious nuts … because in winter I will need to find them again … one nut I found today is the biggest I’ve ever found in any day … I just love nuts.”

When Stella took a breath, Sammy replied, “I don’t have to see because God takes care of me. I just reach for him, and voilà, he puts meals in front of me.”

Confused, Stella scratched her head with a back paw. “Don’t you ever worry you’ll run out of food? I always worry. Worrying is what I do best.”

“No, I trust God because I know he’s close.”

Stella’s new friend had something she very much wanted—peace. For the first time in her life, she had nothing to say.

As the two unlikely friends shared a wordless moment, Stella thought how her life was filled with anxiety because she alone was responsible for stashing away for the future. She had never considered simply trusting God. She was the one with the immeasurable advantage of eyes, and yet, it was the starfish who was content.

On the spot, Stella made an important decision. She turned around, shut her eyes, and said, “Ok God, which way?”

Prayer: Loving Father, help me trust in your direction and not in my own understanding.


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