Frame 12 10 2018 10 11 22Are God's consolations not enough for you, words spoken gently to you? Job 15:11 (NIV)

A coffee-skinned, forty-something woman came trembling after my sermon in Pakistan.

“I had a daughter fourteen years ago, but never any boy. I am useless.” She wept from under her pink shawl.

Pakistani culture dictated she produce a male heir for her family. The poor soul had convinced herself that some great curse was on her. Her body convulsed as she pressed her palms together and begged for prayer to conceive a boy.

The Holy Spirit broke in on the moment and I found myself in a difficult position. This dear sister needed to let go of her obsession for a boy and be fulfilled by Jesus. I squirmed, then passed a note with Job 15:11 written in Urdu. It was a hard message, but the condition of that precious woman’s heart was more important than the fruit of her womb.

I am often sharp as a knife when ministering God’s truth to others and dull as a stone when it comes to applying it to my own faults. After we helped the Pakistani, Jesus worked on my heart.

“Is my love enough to make you let go of lesser blessings? Am I enough?”

I held secret dissatisfaction with certain cards life had dealt me. By my attitude, I had said to the lover of my soul that I wanted, that I deserved, more than him. I wanted Jesus plus an easy life, and please add a little popularity with some fun mixed in, thank you. The consolations of Christ had not been enough for me and his question exposed my insincerity.

I sorely needed to listen to my own preaching because the condition of my heart is more important than the fruit of the world.

Prayer: Lord, I have been a fool with your love. It is enough.


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