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Know Fully


For now we see in a mirror indirectly, but then we will see face to face. Now I know in part, but then I will know fully, just as I have been fully known. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

The periodical cicadas of North America spend seventeen years in the ground as nymphs. Then, in a synchronized metamorphosis, they hatch into millions of flying insects. The adult cicada investigates forests, finds a mate, and lives his entire above ground life in forty-five days. He chirps from the treetops about his new freedom, but he’ll never know anything about the scope of life—the stock market, literature, the planets—that lies beyond his short winged existence.

My knowledge of my larger surroundings is comparable to the cicada. When I made Jesus my Savior, it was like crawling out of seventeen years in the ground. I saw life through new eyes. There was far more than I could take in, and so it was easy to conclude this huge experience was all there is.

As difficult as it is to get my mind around this earthly life, I must, nevertheless, move beyond my tiny lifespan and embrace a larger existence. I am not a larva or bug. There is another life with angelic creatures, a restored planet, and perfect joy. There’s as much unknown for me in the spiritual dimension, as there is for the adult cicada in the physical.

My only hope is to move toward the one at the center of it all. Jesus is the creator and sustainer of all realms. Therefore, the more I know him, the more I integrate with his dominions. By learning of his faithfulness, grace, righteousness, and passion, I’m already using the currency of my future home. I want to move to Jesus, and away from the limitations of a cicada.

Prayer: Holy One, I attach myself to you in hopes of knowing fully.

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Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. Psalms 42:7 (NIV) 
Do you feel it too? God is calling us into the depths of himself. It’s a roar, a deluge, and it beckons irresistibly. What about you? Want to dive into the bottomless pools with me? 
One day at a time, let’s work through some of the most powerful Scriptures. We’ll wrestle our way closer to the heart of Father God. Strip off encumbrances and plunge into the crystal depths of his character. Let’s discover the joy we’ve longed for. Deep calls to deep. Come with me into God’s Niagara.
Brother Don connects daily Scripture meditations with life experiences on the mission field. Taste cultures around the world and learn from the diversity of God’s creation. In addition to new cultures, Deep2Deep also draws lessons from children. Innocence, joy, and trust are themes Don explores with childlike faith. 
This Volume contains 366 devotional meditations to bless the reader for years to come.

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Africa's Child

There are “thin spots” in various locations around the globe. These are places where the Kingdom of God breaks through the veil of our temporal existence. Miracles happen, revivals begin, and whole communities, even nations, are transformed.

In 2001, I discovered one of these thin spots in Cross River State, Nigeria. I was there as a missionary trainee. The eruption had begun three years before in a village named Ekori. The stories I heard, and the thousands of celebrants I witnessed, combined to make my heart race with holy excitement.

Fervent prayers clashing against witchcraft, rich African colors, sounds, and traditions, everything pivoting on a handful of unwavering, humble Christians—all the elements of an epic story were right there in Ekori.

Over the last twenty years, the gospel explosion of Ekori Village has only increased, like circles growing from a great splash. When I returned to Nigeria in 2019, I knew without a doubt, it was time to speak the truth of what did, and is still happening, in Cross River State. Thus, it is my calling and privilege to record these events using the art form I love most, historical novels.

I hope Africa’s Child inspires you, as it does me.

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As a missionary, I came into contact with a tribal group in Southern India that had been through the most amazing events in our times. With dreams and miracles, God rescued them from the caste system much like he delivered Israel from Egypt.

I heard many testimonies that corroborated the story and saw with my own eyes thousands of radically changed lives. The tribe’s name is Yanadi, meaning people without origin. At a time when the Yanadis were suffering abuse, starvation and disease, God reached out to this unclaimed tribe.

It’s exciting to know that he still reveals himself to humble children in all cultures. Though others have documented the Yanadis story before me, it has been my great privilege to create the first historical fiction novel.

I have re-told this compelling story before groups in many settings, often with wet eyes. Now I commit it to writen words for the enrichment of my readers.

Don Goulding

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Tree of Life

The Tree of Life Discipleship Series moves a believer toward maturity in the Christian faith. The lessons can be used alone, with a mentor, or in a group. Buy on Amazon.
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